Do I have to answer the survey every time I am signaled?

Since your participation is voluntary, you won’t ever have to do anything you don’t want to do.  However, you are strongly encouraged to answer the survey at each signal so that you will receive a more accurate report of your daily life, and the data collected reflects what is really happening in your life at the moment it happens.

What if I don’t know how to answer the questions in the survey?

The survey questions are designed to be simple and straightforward to answer, but it is possible that you might at times be unsure how to answer. Your best estimation is all we need.

Will you use my information for anything other than research and student learning?

No. Never. Our professional ethics require that we use your information only for the purposes you have agreed to.

What steps are you taking to protect my privacy?

When we ask for a name and email address, we do so only to provide you with your personalized report.  Your personally identifiable information will be kept separately from your answers to the survey and will be linked only through a participant ID number.

What if I start and don’t finish the study, will I still get a report?

Unfortunately, no. Personalized reports will only be sent to participants who answer at least 75% of the Daily Experience Surveys.

Does everyone who wants to participate get accepted into the study?

Actually, no.  The opportunity to participate is limited, so we will admit the first participants who meet the inclusion criteria.

Are there any risks to participating in this study?

The risks you run by taking part in this study are minimal, and not higher than those faced in everyday life. The risks associated with this study are that you will be asked to answer questions about your daily experiences, but you are free to not answer any question(s) that makes you feel uncomfortable. You can withdraw from the study altogether. If you skip a question or decide to quit at any time before you have finished the questionnaire, your answers will NOT be included in the database.